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April 21, 2006


The Hamas government has now appointed Jamal Abu Samhadana, a leading warlord in the Gaza Strip, to rebuild the Palestinian security apparatus. Samhadana founded the Popular Resistance Committees that carried out numerous deadly terror attacks over the years. Israel declares that it still wants Samhadana dead of alive. What are the implications to the surprise appointment by the Palestinian Authority now run by Hamas? IDF Brig. Gen. (res.) Shalom Harari is a senior analyst at the Counter-Terrorism Center at the Inter-Disciplinary Centre in Herzliya. In an interview with IsraCast, Harari assesses the current situation including this weeks suicide bombing in Tel Aviv. The general also explains why the IDF is finding it difficult to halt the launching of those Qassam rockets from the Gaza Strip.

March 10, 2006

Venus - The next eye in the sky

By the end of the decade a revolutionary new micro-satellite will orbit around the world at an altitude of 700km sending precise information on agriculture and marine changes in unprecedented precision and detail. The Israeli-French project will allow farmers to better treat their crops, fisherman to locate large quantities of fish in mid-sea and will also vastly increase the ability of the scientific community to study and monitor the flora and fauna in many areas around the globe. Equipped with an advanced plasma engine, VENUS will be able to operate for at least 4-5 years in its planed orbit.

March 05, 2006


On February 24th, IsraCast reported that if Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's Kadima party wins the upcoming election, it will prepare to withdraw unilaterally from isolated settlements on the West Bank. Today, two leading Israeli newspapers, Yediot Ahronot and Haaretz have now confirmed this.

March 01, 2006

Viruses: The new cancer hunters

Researchers from the Hebrew University have succeeded in isolating a variant of the Newcastle Disease Virus (NDV-HUJ), which usually affects birds, in order to specifically target cancer cells. The research, which has already cleared the first phase of clinical trials, is already patented and if all goes well it might receive an approval for clinical use, changing the way we think about viruses forever.

February 15, 2006

Protecting the soldiers of tomorrow

An Israeli company has recently tested one of the most shock-resistant materials known to man. Five times stronger than steel and at least twice as strong as any impact-resistant material currently in use as protective gear, the new nano-based material is on its way to becoming the armor of the future.

February 08, 2006


In his first sit-down interview, Israel's Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert says Israel will evacuate parts of the West Bank in order to separate from the Palestinians. But as previously reported by IsraCast, he spoke of retaining settlement blocs. He named name this time: Ma'ale Adumim, Gush Etzion and Ariel. Meanwhile, the Israeli security forces are stepping up their targeted killing operations by hitting terrorists launching Qassam rockets at Israeli towns from the Gaza Strip. Israel unilaterally evacuated Gaza last summer but Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has refused to order his tens of thousand of security forces to halt the rocketing of Israel. However, U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan does not approve.

February 06, 2006


Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas is apparently seeking a solution to the election victory of Hamas, an organization that vows to destroy the Jewish state. Abbas has reportedly informed Israel's acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert that the outcome of the Palestinian election is 'irrelevant'. If so, does this mean that Abbas is trying to subvert the election result or that he has struck a deal to be Hamas 'front man'. In the Israeli election campaign, Olmert's rival are trying to make election capital out of the bloody clash between Israeli policemen and settlers during the demolition of the illegal West Bank settlement of Amona that resulted in other two hundred Israelis being hurt.

February 03, 2006


Shalom Harari, a top Israeli expert on the Palestinians, analyzes the new emerging situation after the stunning Hamas victory in the Palestinian election. Interviewed by IsraCast, Harari says the Hamas rise to power has implications far beyond the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Harari is a reserve Brigadier-General in the IDF intelligence corps and is on the staff of the Counter-Terror Policy Center at the Herzliya Inter-Disciplinary Institute. Listen to the impact of the Hamas victory on Palestinian society, Israel, the Middle East and the international arena.

February 03, 2006


A unique system that can produce Hydrogen inside a car using common metals such as Magnesium and Aluminum was developed by an Israeli company. The system solves all of the obstacles associated with the manufacturing, transporting and storing of hydrogen to be used in cars. When it becomes commercial in a few years time, the system will be incorporated into cars that will cost about the same as existing conventional cars to run, and will be completely emission free.

January 27, 2006


A major upheaval in the Palestinian leadership - the terror organization Hamas has swept into power in the Palestinian election. Hamas won 76 seats in the 132-member parliament. Fatah led by Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas trailed far behind taking only 43 seats. Get used to the name of Ismail Haniyeh, the leader of Hamas, which sent some 50-suicide bombers to murder and maim Israelis over the past five years. What happens now? In an interview with IsraCast, Dr. Dan Schueftan of Haifa University analyzes various aspects.

January 20, 2006

Blood test accurately diagnoses anxiety

A new technique that can accurately diagnose anxiety disorders by performing a simple blood test, was developed at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. The researchers hope that the anxiety blood test will soon make its way into hospitals and E.R. rooms and give doctors and psychiatrists a quick and precise tool for examining, and eventually treating, these disorders. The team has recently started work on another common illness - depression. They hope to find a way to diagnose and finally treat the millions who suffer from this illness as well.

January 18, 2006


Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert held his first news conference spelling out his position on the looming Iranian nuclear threat and the Palestinian election next week. Olmert left no doubt where he stands on the recent threats by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad about Israel being 'wiped off the map' as Tehran renews its nuclear weapons program in defiance of international criticism. In a new development, the acting PM is sending a delegation to Moscow. Russia is building the Iranian nuclear reactor at busher. As for the Palestinians, Olmert said he hoped to reach a permanent peace agreement with Mahmoud Abbas but within the Roadmap framework.

January 09, 2006


Who is Israel's acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and what is his approach to the Palestinian issue? With doctors working to save the life of Ariel Sharon In Jerusalem's Hadassah hospital, Olmert will likely serve as prime minister until the March 28th general election. If the Kadima party wins that election, Olmert would then form a new coalition government. In the corridors of power throughout the Middle East and around the world, questions are being asked about who may be Ariel Sharon's political successor. In an address back in February 2004, the now Acting Prime Minister of Israel spelled out how he views the Israeli-Palestinian dispute.

January 02, 2006


There has been more internal violence and lawlessness in the Gaza Strip violence just over three weeks before a crucial Palestinian election on January 25th. The chaos is raising questions about whether the parliamentary ballot is possible. In his assessment, Israeli analyst Dr. Dan Schueftan recently told IsraCast that the Palestinian society is now in the process of disintegrating.

January 01, 2006

Avi Yaffe

Avi Yaffe is probably one of Israel's most recognized and respected personalities in the studio and sound recording industry. A native of Israel, Avi is a 40-year veteran of the recording industry.

His dramatic recordings from a Suez Canal bunker during the Yom-Kippur War of 1973 garnered international attention. Those recordings, which are featured on the IsraCast homepage, have once again drawn world attention during this 30-year anniversary of the war. Since 1963, when he founded his Jerusalem Recording Studio, Avi has been servicing the broadcast needs of professional journalists, recording and transmitting feeds to radio stations all over the world.

December 14, 2005

Like a fish - underwater breathing system

An Israeli Inventor has developed a breathing apparatus that will allow breathing underwater without the assistance of compressed air tanks. This new invention will use the relatively small amounts of air that already exist in water to supply oxygen to both scuba divers and submarines. The invention has already captured the interest of most major diving manufacturers as well as the Israeli Navy.

December 12, 2005


At the time that Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, the chief of the International Atomic Energy Agency was being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, London's Sunday Times carried a headline story that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon had issued orders to attack Iran's nuclear installations in March. The Israeli intelligence assessment is that by the end of March, Iran will have passed its point of no return on producing nuclear weapons. However, Israeli officials categorically rejected the press report.

December 08, 2005

The dawn of cognitive technology

Cognitive technology is a new and evolving field which combines the interactive qualities of modern computers with the knowledge acquired by cognitive psychology to create tools that can preserve and improve our cognitive abilities. In this article, we chose to cover one of the pioneers in this field, the Israeli company CogniFit, which has developed a unique adaptive technology that enables its software to learn the users abilities, and based on this data, create a personalized cognitive training program.

December 05, 2005


A Palestinian suicide bomber has carried out another deadly attack in the Israeli seaside town of Netanya, murdering five Israelis and injuring fifty-five others. The Islamic Jihad terrorist from the West Bank was spotted before entering the crowded Sharon shopping center and apprehended by two security guards who were killed while trying to disarm the killer. Zalman Shoval, a senior advisor to Prime Minister Sharon, tells IsraCast that Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) leaves Israel no choice but to step up its counter-terror operations

December 03, 2005

Earthquakes - stopping the next big one

A system that could predict earthquakes has long been the Holy Grail of scientists trying to prevent the next catastrophe. Now a small Israeli company, backed by experts, is not only claiming to have discovered a method for accurately predicting earthquakes well before they occur, but also for preventing some of them.