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IsraCast Archive | January-February 2006


Israel & U.S. May Be On Collision Course Over Status Of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

Israeli Officials: "Hamas May Agree That Abbas Be Their Front Man While Terrorists Grant Jewish State A Stay Of Execution"

Jerusalem and Washington apparently differ over whether Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas should be shored up in light of the Hamas election victory. The fact that an extreme terrorist organization, which vows to exterminate the Jewish state, is about to take control of the Palestinian Authority has aroused different reactions both in and out of Israel.


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Avi Dichter: Israel Is Not Going To Bleed For Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

There Is Absolutely No Difference Between Hamas And The Chechnyan Terrorists Responsible For Massacres In Beslan School & Moscow Theatre

The Israeli election campaign is about to enter the home stretch with a host of burning issues on Israels national agenda. The fallout from the Hamas election victory and the looming Iranian nuclear threat will be dominating the race. Kadimas Ehud Olmert is maintaining his lead while Labors Amir Peretz and Netanyahus Binyamin Netanyahu toil to close the gap. At the same time, Palestinian terrorists continue to launch more rockets and Israeli security forces step up the counter-terror campaign. Former Shabak security chief now allied to Olmert has been assessing developments.



Prime Minister Olmert: I Will Not Order IDF To Reoccupy Gaza Strip and West Bank - It Would Be a Catastrophe

Hamas Is Not A Strategic Threat To Israel, A Nuclear Armed Iran Is

Israel Will Dismantle More Illegal Outposts On West Bank - Another Four Were Removed Recently

Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert ran into heavy flak from right-wingers when he made his first appearance before the Knesset Foreign Affairs & Defense Committee. However, Olmert apparently gave as much as he got in the stinging exchanges. Top of his agenda was how to cope with the Palestinian Authority now being run by Hamas terrorists who threaten to exterminate Israel.



Dr. Dan Schueftan: 'It's An Absolute Necessity To Block Money Flow To Hamas Administration That Will Channel Part of It Into Terrorism Against Israel'

'Hamas Talk Of Ten-Year Cease-fire Is a Poisoned Honey Trap'

After the new Hamas-lead Palestinian parliament declared No to halting terrorism, recognizing Israel and prior agreements, the Israeli cabinet announced a series of sanctions. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert responded by calling the Palestinian Authority a terrorist authority. The Israeli cabinet then imposed a series of sanctions. They included the freezing of tax revenues to the PA and stepping up security checks on Palestinian workers entering Israel. However, Israel would not interfere with humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian people. Dr. Dan Schueftan, a Middle East expert at Haifa University, analyzed these developments and other aspects in a wide-ranging interview with reporter David Essing:



Shabak Chief Diskin: In Short Run, Hamas Will Keep The Quiet & Build Its Military Strength To Pose Long Term Strategic Threat To Israel

Hamas Is Bent On Destroying Jewish State & Israel Must Not Fall For Any Phony De Facto Recognition

Shabak Security Chief Yuval Diskin has presented his assessment of the threat to Israel posed by the Hamas take-over of the Palestinian Authority. In a briefing to the Knesset Foreign Affairs & Defense Committee, Diskin warned that Hamas may bide its time in the short run in order to build its military power but its ultimate goal is to exterminate Israel.



Hamas Prepares To Be Sworn In By Palestinians On Saturday Night

Prime Minister Olmert: We Will Not Acquiesce In, Nor Compromise With A Hamas Government That Vows To Exterminate Israel

Saturday, February 18th, 2006: Hamas, a terror organization linked to al Qaeda, takes control of the Palestinian parliament. In reaction, the Israeli cabinet is to consider a series of sanctions when it convenes on Sunday.


Protecting the soldiers of tomorrow

An Israeli company has recently tested one of the most shock-resistant materials known to man. Five times stronger than steel and at least twice as strong as any impact-resistant material currently in use as protective gear, the new nano-based material is on its way to becoming the armor of the future.


Shoshana Damari: Biography

Israel Mourns Shoshana Damari - the First Lady of Israeli Song, who Died Today at the Age of 83.


Putin's Realpolitik & Olmert's Dilemma

Senior Israeli Official: 'Israel Must Act Decisively In Reaction To Russia's Outrageous Invitation to Hamas'

Israeli Sources: 'President Putin Is Playing Realpolitik At Israel's Expense'

Olmert's Handling Of Crisis Could Affect His Standing In Current Election Campaign

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and the Israeli government are now facing a major dilemma after Russian President Vladimir Putin officially invited Hamas leaders to visit Moscow. Although the terror organization still vows to annihilate Israel, Putin says the Palestinians elected it to power in a democratic election and Hamas should be treated accordingly. Israeli leaders and the country at large are furious at what is being called 'Russia's stab in the back'; however Prime Minister Ehud Olmert must now block any international legitimizing of Hamas without causing a major rift with President Putin.


Extend products shelf life

The Israeli company Hefestus has developed a unique technology that can significantly extend the shelf life of various products such as fruits and vegetables, fish and meat, grains and even flowers and medical drugs. Until recently the most common method for packaging foods and other products was MAP, or Modified Atmosphere Packaging. In MAP, air inside the package is replaced by inert gas mixtures (mainly Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide), eliminating or reducing food spoilage. Low levels of oxygen prevent the evolution of organic germs and molds. One of the common ways of reducing the oxygen levels inside a package is by using a vacuum method. The main problem is that creating a vacuum can damage delicate products during the packaging process.



Rabbi Singer: 'Israel & Jewish People Must Seek Political Allies To Confront Iranian Nuclear Threat'

'Israel Should First Exhaust Political Effort Before Sending Aircraft To Destroy Iran's Nuclear Weapons Program'

'Recent Visit By Chancellor Angela Merkel Was A Watershed In Israeli-German Relations'

Delegates from Jewish communities from around the globe gathered in Jerusalem for the conference of the World Jewish Congress. More than 80 countries were represented from all the continents. The Iranian nuclear threat and the virulent anti- Semitic campaign by Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad cast its shadow over the conference that discussed the situation with several experts. Rabbi Yisrael Singer, Chairman of the Policy Council of the World Jewish Congress, summed up what is called the 'parliament' of the Jewish people. Rabbi Singer also accompanied German Chancellor Angela Merkel on her tour of the Jerusalem's Yad VaShem Memorial to the six million Jews who were murdered in the Holocaust.



Acting PM Olmert: 'If Need Be, Israel Will Go It Alone In Separating From Palestinians'

'Settlement Blocs of Ma'aleh Adumim, Gush Etzion and Ariel Will Remain Under Israeli Control'

U.N. Secretary-General: 'Israel Should Try Palestinian Terrorists In A Court Of Law Not Carry Out Targeted Killings'

In his first sit-down interview, Israel's Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert says Israel will evacuate parts of the West Bank in order to separate from the Palestinians. But as previously reported by IsraCast, he spoke of retaining settlement blocs. He named name this time: Ma'ale Adumim, Gush Etzion and Ariel. Meanwhile, the Israeli security forces are stepping up their targeted killing operations by hitting terrorists launching Qassam rockets at Israeli towns from the Gaza Strip. Israel unilaterally evacuated Gaza last summer but Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has refused to order his tens of thousand of security forces to halt the rocketing of Israel. However, U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan does not approve.



Abbas To Olmert: 'The Hamas Sweep Of Palestinian Election Is Irrelevant; 'll Retain Control Of Security Forces & Important Functions'

Shabak Security Chief Diskin: 'Danger That Settlers Could Open Fire At Israeli Security Forces During Next Eviction'

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas is apparently seeking a solution to the election victory of Hamas, an organization that vows to destroy the Jewish state. Abbas has reportedly informed Israel's acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert that the outcome of the Palestinian election is 'irrelevant'. If so, does this mean that Abbas is trying to subvert the election result or that he has struck a deal to be Hamas 'front man'. In the Israeli election campaign, Olmert's rival are trying to make election capital out of the bloody clash between Israeli policemen and settlers during the demolition of the illegal West Bank settlement of Amona that resulted in other two hundred Israelis being hurt.



Shalom Harari: 'Palestinians Are Wracked By Confusion After Hamas Victory: Potential Is Growing For Violent Power Struggle'

'Hamas May Now Prefer Two-Headed System - A Moderate Mahmoud Abbas & Fatah Facing Outside World While Hamas Consolidates Its Control Over Government & Parliament'

'Egypt, Jordan & Even Syria Have Been Shocked By Hamas Victory Because They Are Also Threatened By Islamic Fundamentalists'

Shalom Harari, a top Israeli expert on the Palestinians, analyzes the new emerging situation after the stunning Hamas victory in the Palestinian election. Interviewed by IsraCast, Harari says the Hamas rise to power has implications far beyond the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Harari is a reserve Brigadier-General in the IDF intelligence corps and is on the staff of the Counter-Terror Policy Center at the Herzliya Inter-Disciplinary Institute. Listen to the impact of the Hamas victory on Palestinian society, Israel, the Middle East and the international arena.



A unique system that can produce Hydrogen inside a car using common metals such as Magnesium and Aluminum was developed by an Israeli company. The system solves all of the obstacles associated with the manufacturing, transporting and storing of hydrogen to be used in cars. When it becomes commercial in a few years time, the system will be incorporated into cars that will cost about the same as existing conventional cars to run, and will be completely emission free.


Fight tooth decay with electricity



One Israeli Policeman Seriously Injured During Eviction of Settlers From Illegal Amona Outpost On West Bank

More Than One Hundred Protesters & Policemen Were Lightly Hurt

The Settlers: 'This Was Only Round One'

Public Security Minister Ezra: 'Government's Policy Of Restraint Toward Settlers Is Over'

Violence was expected when Israeli police were sent to evict some two thousand angry settlers who barricaded themselves inside the illegal outpost of Amona on the West Bank. However, the clash turned more bloody and ugly than most expected. When it was over, one Israeli policeman was in serious condition and some 115 Israelis were lightly injured. Bulldozers then enforced the ruling by Israel's Supreme Court to demolish the nine buildings at the outpost. But the question is what will happen next time if there is a further escalation in the violence?



Prof. Lewis: 'Don't Harbor Any Illusions About Character Of Hamas And Its Intentions'

'The Iranian Revolution Has Entered Particularly Dangerous Phase Of Terror & Repression'

'There Are Democratic Movements in Muslim World But The Outcome Is Not Assured'

Prof. Bernard Lewis, a world expert on the Islamic world, has been commenting on the Hamas election victory and the Iran. Both Hamas and Iran do not accept the existence of Israel and are committed to the destruction of the Jewish state. Interviewed on Channel One TV Prof. Lewis, of Princeton University, presented his assessment of Hamas and Iran and Islamic world.



Dr. Dan Schueftan: 'Palestinian Voters Have Unmasked Themselves & Their Preference For Terrorism Against Israel'

'Idiotic To Expect That Hamas In Power Will Become Moderate'

'Election Outcome Leaves Israel No Option But To Implement Unilateral Steps With U.S. Support'

A major upheaval in the Palestinian leadership - the terror organization Hamas has swept into power in the Palestinian election. Hamas won 76 seats in the 132-member parliament. Fatah led by Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas trailed far behind taking only 43 seats. Get used to the name of Ismail Haniyeh, the leader of Hamas, which sent some 50-suicide bombers to murder and maim Israelis over the past five years. What happens now? In an interview with IsraCast, Dr. Dan Schueftan of Haifa University analyzes various aspects.



Acting Prime Minister Olmert: 'The Goal Is Permanent Borders For Israel With Jewish Majority; Preferably By Agreement If Not, Then 'By Every Way'

Palestinians Vote In General Election With Hamas Expected To Challenge Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah

Roadmap Peace Process Or Intifada III?

In the West Bank and Gaza Strip, tens of thousands of Palestinian are now voting in an historic election. For the first time, Hamas is running and challenging the leadership of Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah faction. Hamas is a terror organization whose charter calls for the extermination of Israel. The implications are enormous for the future of the Roadmap peace process. Hours before the Palestinians went to the polls, Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert declared that he was ready to give up territory in order to establish a permanent border with a Jewish majority. If possible by negotiation, if not Israel would do it by another way.



Chief of Staff Halutz: 'IDF To Carry Out Rulings Against Settlers By Israel's Supreme Court'

'IDF Must Be Prepared For Possibility Of Third Intifada After Palestinian Election'

'Israeli Politicians Split Over Hamas Issue'

Chief of Staff Dan Halutz declared the IDF is about to implement two rulings by Israel's Supreme Court on two illegal settler sites. The illegal Amona outpost on the West Bank would be demolished by January 31st. In addition, illegal Jewish settlers will be evicted from the controversial Hebron market area. In a briefing to the Knesset Foreign Affairs & Defense Committee, General Halutz disclosed there is no agreement on the Gaza terminals after Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz had early implied that there was such a deal with Egypt and the Palestinians.



Former Mossad Chief Shavit: 'Any Similarity Between Film Munich And True Events Is Purely Coincidental'

Former Mossad Agent Yonatan: 'I Took Part In Tracking Down The Terrorists And Couldn't Recognize Myself In Any Of Film's Characters'

Former Mossad Agent Yair: 'It's A Hollywood Movie Portrayed Through American Spectacles'

Steven Spielberg's controversial film 'Munich', about to be viewed in Israel, is sparking a firestorm. Former officials of Mossad, Israel's secret service, have lambasted the movie from start to finish. Former Mossad chief Shabtai Shavit accuses Spielberg of basing the film on a bogus book that bears no resemblance to what actually happened. 'Yonatan', a former Mossad agent, who actually took part in the operation to execute all the Palestinian terrorists involved in the murder of the eleven Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics, said there is nothing authentic in the film. That included the portrayal of 'Avner' the main character.



Defense Minister Mofaz: 'Iran Funded & Damascus Orchestrated Palestinian Suicide Bombing in Tel Aviv'

Ayatollahs In Tehran Fund Tel Aviv Bombing While Bin Laden Threatens U.S.

Is there a connection between the Iranian-Syrian backing for the latest Palestinian suicide bombing in Tel Aviv and Osama bin Laden's new threat to attack the U.S? There may not be at present, but if Iran is allowed to acquire nuclear weapons, it may be just a matter of time before terror organizations such as Al Qaeda and Islamic Jihad also go nuclear.


Blood test accurately diagnoses anxiety

A new technique that can accurately diagnose anxiety disorders by performing a simple blood test, was developed at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. The researchers hope that the anxiety blood test will soon make its way into hospitals and E.R. rooms and give doctors and psychiatrists a quick and precise tool for examining, and eventually treating, these disorders. The team has recently started work on another common illness - depression. They hope to find a way to diagnose and finally treat the millions who suffer from this illness as well.



Acting PM Olmert: 'Israel Will Not Allow Iran To Acquire Nuclear Weapon'

'I Hope To Negotiate A Permanent Agreement With Abu-Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas) After Palestinians & Israeli Election'

Maariv Daily: 'Abu-Mazen Is In State Of Depression Due To Anarchy In Palestinian Society'

Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert held his first news conference spelling out his position on the looming Iranian nuclear threat and the Palestinian election next week. Olmert left no doubt where he stands on the recent threats by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad about Israel being 'wiped off the map' as Tehran renews its nuclear weapons program in defiance of international criticism. In a new development, the acting PM is sending a delegation to Moscow. Russia is building the Iranian nuclear reactor at busher. As for the Palestinians, Olmert said he hoped to reach a permanent peace agreement with Mahmoud Abbas but within the Roadmap framework.


Tzipi Livni - Facts and Bio

A Profile of the New Foreign Minister


Ailing Prime Ministers Eyes Open Briefly On Hearing Recorded Voice Of Grandson

Kadima Council Appoints Olmert To Replace Sharon As Party Leader

Kadima Minister Sheetrit: 'Israel's Refusal To Allow Palestinians In Eastern Jerusalem To Vote, Would Have Been A Disaster'

In a coma at Jerusalem's Hadassah hospital, Ariel Sharon briefly opened his eyes on hearing his grandson's voice. But his team of doctors later said this could have been a reflex and the ailing Prime Minister remains in a serious but stable condition. Over in Israel's parliament, the Knesset, the ruling council of Sharon's Kadima party met for the first time without the Prime Minister. It appointed Acting PM Ehud Olmert to replace the incapacitated Sharon.



Likud Convention Springs Surprise With Selection Of Knesset Candidates

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni - Acting PM Olmert To Appoint Livni, After Netanyahu Forces Likud Cabinet Ministers To Resign

Secular Shinui Party Disintegrates

The Likud party convention has selected a surprising list of candidates for the March 28th election. Party leader Binyamin Netanyahu is believed to have orchestrated the vote that sees a lot of new Likud 'rebels' who opposed Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's controversial withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and four settlements in northern Samaria. The night before the convention, Netanyahu ordered four Likud cabinet ministers, including his party rival Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom to resign immediately from the Olmert government, At first, they balked. But then, realizing they could be penalized in the party primary, they agreed. Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will now promote Justice Minister to Foreign Minister to replace Shalom. Meanwhile, after its spectacular success in the previous election, the secular Shinui party is headed to oblivion.



Latest Opinion Poll: 'Acting Prime Minister Olmert Is Maintaining Kadima's Lead Over Labor & Likud'

Hadassah Medical Team Is Cautiously Optimistic After 'Slight' Positive Reactions By Ariel Sharon

At His Bedside, Sons Omri & Gilad Tell Unconscious Sharon About Grandchildren & Farm and Play His Favorite Mozart Music

The Hadassah medical team's announcement about Prime Minister Ariel Sharon making 'slight movements' with his right hand and leg, possibly his left side as well, sent a wave of new hope throughout Israel. But the medical team warns although there is room for cautious optimism, the Prime Minister is still in a critical condition. Meanwhile, the latest opinion poll indicates Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is maintaining Kadima's lead in the election campaign.



Ehud Olmert: 'There Is No Palestinian Partner Who Can Negotiate A Roadmap Peace Deal & Make It Stick'

'To Preserve Jewish State, Israel Must Withdraw Unilaterally From Densely-Populated Arab Parts Of West Bank'

'Israel Must Not Withdraw To 1967 Lines & Jerusalem Must Remain United Under Israeli Control'

Who is Israel's acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and what is his approach to the Palestinian issue? With doctors working to save the life of Ariel Sharon In Jerusalem's Hadassah hospital, Olmert will likely serve as prime minister until the March 28th general election. If the Kadima party wins that election, Olmert would then form a new coalition government. In the corridors of power throughout the Middle East and around the world, questions are being asked about who may be Ariel Sharon's political successor. In an address back in February 2004, the now Acting Prime Minister of Israel spelled out how he views the Israeli-Palestinian dispute.



Israeli Leader Followed Herzl's Vision To Ben-Gurion's Pragmatism

Israel Prepares To Bid Farewell to Ariel Sharon

General Sharon's Daring Command Is Credited With Saving With Israel In Yom-Kippur War Of 1973

As Sabbath approached in Israel, Ariel Sharon had undergone a third brain operation and remained in a critical condition at Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem. However, Sharon's indomitable spirit makes it difficult for many Israelis to grasp that he has departed and that they face a new reality.



Ariel Sharon In Critical Condition As Surgeons Stem Massive Bleeding In His Brain

Powers Transferred To Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert

In Midst of Election Campaign, Jewish State Plunged Into Great Political Uncertainty

Brain surgeons have stemmed the massive bleeding to Ariel Sharon's brain but the Israeli leader remains in critical condition. Finance Minister Ehud Olmert has been appointed Acting Prime Minister will full powers. Olmert convened an emergency session of the Israeli cabinet to discuss the situation. Neurologists say privately there is almost no chance that Sharon will be able to return to office.



IDF RADIO: 'Police Enquiry Into Sharon Scandals Will Not Be Completed Before March 28th Election'

Opposition Parties: 'Sharon Should Come Clean & Attorney General Must Speed Up Enquiry'

Latest Poll Shows Sharon's Kadima Party Stronger Than Ever

A Channel 10 TV report has quoted Israel Police sources, as saying there is 'circumstantial evidence' that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon received a $3 million bribe. Part of the illegal money was used to pay election debts while the rest remained in the Sharon family coffers. The kickback was said to have come from Austrian gambling tycoons. The opposition parties are demanding full disclosure from the PM and a speedy enquiry. So, what impact is the latest leak likely to have on the election campaign?



Rebellious Palestinian Policemen Go On Rampage In Gaza Strip Town of Rafah

Palestinian Police Chief: 'Impossible To Conduct Parliamentary Election In Current Chaos'

Analyst Dan Schueftan: 'We Are Witnessing Disintegration Of Palestinian Society'

There has been more internal violence and lawlessness in the Gaza Strip violence just over three weeks before a crucial Palestinian election on January 25th. The chaos is raising questions about whether the parliamentary ballot is possible. In his assessment, Israeli analyst Dr. Dan Schueftan recently told IsraCast that the Palestinian society is now in the process of disintegrating.



Der Spiegel Report Sends Warning To Iran & IAEA

Israeli Official: 'Nuclear Armed Iran Could Start Mad Dash By Neighbors To Also Acquire Nuclear Weapons'

Shimon Peres: 'Israel Should Seek An American Umbrella To Cope With Iranian Nuclear Threat'

In its latest edition, the German magazine weekly Der Spiegel reports the U.S. could be planning to attack Iran's nuclear installations within 'coming months'. The article reveals that senior American officials have visited several states to seek support for such an offensive as Iran threatens to renew its program to enrich uranium required for nuclear weapons development and production. In Israel, former Prime Minister Shimon Peres has proposed that Jerusalem approach the U.S. for 'an American umbrella' to cope with the Iranian nuclear threat to the Jewish state. Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad declared recently that the Jewish state 'should be wiped off the map'.


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IsraCast Archive | January-February 2006

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