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IsraCast Archive | September-October 2006

Ambassador Eban on Sinai Campaign

On October 30, 1956, the United States asked that an urgent meeting of the Security Council be convened to discuss the Middle East fighting. The US called for an immediate cease-fire and the withdrawal of Israeli troops and asked other countries to refrain from giving Israel military and economic assistance. The United States draft Resolution was vetoed by Britain and France. The Yugoslav delegate then asked for an emergency session of the General Assembly. When the Assembly met on 1 November, it heard the Israeli case from Ambassador Eban:



Shalom Harari: 'Level Of Internal Palestinian Violence Has Approached Situation In Iraq'

'U.S. Secretary Of State Condoleezza Rice Trying To Build Pro-Western Bloc In Middle East Against Islamist Movement'

'Democratizing Middle East Is Pipe Dream If Citizens Keep AK Automatic Weapons Under Their Beds'

'The internal Palestinian violence in the Gaza Strip is approaching the violence you see in Iraq' - that's the assessment of Shalom Harari, an IDF Brig, Gen. (res). Harari is a leading Israeli expert at the Counter-Terrorism Institute in Herzliya. In an interview with David Essing, Harari analyzes the internecine Palestinian violence and its significance for Israel. He also assesses the chaos in many Arab states against the backdrop of this week's visit by U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.


Remains of Herzl's Children Brought to Israel for Reburial

The Remains of Herzl's Children Were Brought to Israel from France for Reburial on Wednesday, September 20th on Mount Herzl, Jerusalem.


Kofi Annan asked to restage UN Holocaust exhibition

Edgar M. Bronfman, the president of the World Jewish Congress, has urged United Nations secretary-general Kofi Annan to re-stage last year's UN Holocaust exhibition during next week's visit by Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.


Ahmadinejad Invited To Auschwitz

Holocaust Survivor Noah Flug: 'We Invite Iranian President Ahmadinejad To Visit Auschwitz To See If There Was No Holocaust'

'We Request To Participate At Upcoming Holocaust Conference In Tehran'

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has become the worlds leading denier of the Holocaust. In Jerusalem, Noah Flug, president of the Auschwitz International Committee, of former prisoners of Auschwitz has sent an invitation to the Iranian leader to visit the death camp to see for himself. Flug has also requested that the Iranian authorities allow him to participate in an upcoming conference on the Holocaust in Tehran. In our IsraCast studio, Noah Flug talked to David Essing about why he has sent his urgent letter to the Iranian president.



On a whirlwind tour of the Middle East, British Prime Minister Tony Blair is trying to drum up momentum for reviving the Roadmap peace plan between Israel and the Palestinians.



IDF Gen. (ret.) Benkler: 'Handled Properly IDF Could Have Wiped Out Hezbollah In a Week'

'Political Leadership Ignored Basic Combat Strategy & Played Hezbollah's Game'

Tel Aviv Rally To Demand Judicial Enquiry Into Lebanon War

A group of retired IDF officers is leading a public campaign for setting up a state panel of enquiry into the roots and conduct of the war in Lebanon. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has opposed such an official investigation with full legal powers; Olmert has proposed three independent boards to examine what happened. Brig. Gen. (ret.) Reuven Benkler, a senior combat officer in Lebanon, believes that if the political leadership had handled the situation properly, the IDF could have wiped out Hezbollah in a week. General Benkler was interviewed by David Essing in our IsraCast studio in Jerusalem.



PM Ehud Olmert: Yes, We Made Mistakes In The War But There Were Also Amazing Achievements

Apparently Referring To Syria: They Now Understand The Price They Will Have To Pay For A Military Operation Against Israel

Knesset Members Blast Olmerts Conduct Of War Demanding State Enquiry

Appearing before the Knesset Foreign Affairs & Defense Committee, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said there was no doubt that Israels neighbors now understood the price for attacking Israel. This he said was only one of many achievements in the war with Hezbollah. However, nearly all the Knesset Members criticized Olmert and demanded an official judicial enquiry.



Labor Party Caucus Defies Olmert By Supporting State Investigation Into War

Olmert officials: 'This Is Idiocy By Labor Party Leader Peretz'

Retired IDF Generals: 'Chief of Staff Dan Halutz Should Resign'

Defense Minister Amir Peretz and his Labor party have decided to support an official state enquiry into the war with Lebanon. The move has sparked anger at the Prime Ministers office; Ehud Olmert is categorically opposed to such a binding investigation. IDF Chief of Staff Dan Halutz is facing more flak as retired generals call on him to resign.


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IsraCast Archive | September-October 2006

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