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IsraCast Archive | July-August 2009

Physical Activity: Walking

 Those of you who have already entered the walking cycle know that you can get a substantial improvement in health and life quality without making a great effort. Want to join? Start here.


Netanyahu's Crucial Choices

Israeli Prime Minister May Soon Have To Face Tough Choices On Palestinians, Iran & Gilad Shalit

Speculation Rampant About Movement On Renewal Of Palestinian Peace Talks & Shalit Prisoner Exchange

Isracast: Israel Declares It Will Not Be The First To Introduce Nuclear Weapons Into the Middle East - Will It Also Act To Bar Any Other State From Becoming First To Introduce Nuclear Weapons?

 Over the past summer months Palestinian peace talks remained in the diplomatic doldrums, secret contacts on a Shalit prisoner exchange dragged on while the current internal unrest in Iran cast another shadow over the proposed nuclear negotiations with Tehran. However, the IsraCast update is that these slumbering but vital issues may soon reawaken on the international stage.


Exclusive - A New Strategy for Immunotherapy of Cancer

 The best way to prevent and remove infections is through the natural 'sterilising' action of the immune response that combines elements of both innate and adaptive immunity to ward off foreign pathogens without medical intervention. The immune system 'remembers' the cleared foreign antigens to speed up its response to re-infection. The immune system in most cancer patients can still completely destroy viruses and bacteria. The ferocity and specificity of this response can be witnessed in the way an inadequately suppressed immune system can completely destroy a large transplanted organ, while sparing one’s own (self) tissues. This destructive effect would be beneficial for cancer therapy if it could be directed at tumours.


Netanyahu Will Receive Auschwitz Plans

70 years after "Crystal Night", The State of Israel will recieve the original plans of the Auschwitz extermination camp which were found in Berlin last year. Prime Minister Netanyahu will visit Germany next week and will recieve the plans which were published in the German newspaper Bild.


Bone Marrow Transplantation Center, National Umbilical Cord Blood Bank

The Bone Marrow Transplantation Department at Hadassah Hebrew University Medical Center operates as a national center for bone marrow transplantation and stem-cell-based medicine. The department uses stem cells from various sources including bone marrow, peripheral blood, umbilical cord blood and the placenta.


U.S. Umbrella Resembles Chamberlain's!

Israeli Cabinet Ministers Worried Over Secretary of State Clinton's Proposal For U.S. 'Defensive Umbrella' For Gulf States, If Iran Acquires Nuclear Weapons

Has Obama Administration Accepted Nuclear Armed Iran?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Expected To Tell U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates That Israel Will Not Take Military Option Off The Table, Even If U.S. May Have

If the Obama administration has ruled out pre-emptive military action to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, Israel has not followed. Israeli officials have criticized Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's comments that the U.S. would supply a 'defensive umbrella' to the Gulf states, if Iran gets the bomb. Israeli officials have said they do not agree to Iran getting the bomb, nor should the Obama administration. IsraCast assesses the latest developments as Russia announces that the nuclear reactor it has sold to Iran at Bushehr will go operational by the end of the year.


Netanyahu & Obama Clash Over Jerusalem

PM Netanyahu: 'United Jerusalem Is Israel's Unassailable Capital & Jews Have Right To Live & Buy In All Its Neighborhoods'

Obama Administration: 'Israeli Building In eastern Jerusalem Is No Different Than Building At West Bank Settlements & Must Stop'

IsraCast Assessment: Obama Has Putד Jerusalem On Agenda Of Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations; Netanyahu Signals Jerusalem Is Non-Negotiable

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. President Barack Obama Have again squared off, this time over Israeli construction in the eastern Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheik Jarah. The two leaders had already crossed after Obama declared that all building in existing Israeli settlements on the West Bank must stop, something Netanyahu rejects. Although Special Middle East Envoy George Mitchell  and Defense Minister Ehud Barak have met twice trying to break the impasse over the settlement issue, the Israeli leader has dug in his heels over what he views as Israel's sovereign right to build in east Jerusalem. IsraCast says the latest clash is actually over Obama's insistence that Jerusalem will be up for negotiation in future Israeli-Palestinian talks while Netanyahu contends that Jerusalem is non- negotiatble as far as he is concerned.


Arabs Need to Talk to the Israelis

By Shaikh Salman bin Hamad al-Khalifa, The crown prince of Bahrain

We need fresh thinking if the Arab Peace Initiative is to have the impact it deserves on the crisis that needlessly impoverishes Palestinians and endangers Israel's security. This crisis is not a zero-sum game. For one side to win, the other does not have to lose. The peace dividend for the entire Middle East is potentially immense. So why have we not gotten anywhere?


Israel's Nuclear 'Yes We Can!'

Gen.(res.) Eitan Ben Eliyahu: 'Israel Air Force Can Wipe Out Iran's Nuclear Sites Day Or Night - But I Recommend Against Going It Alone Without International Cooperation!'

French President Nicole Sarkozy: 'A Unilateral Israeli Attack On Iran Would Be Catastrophe - Israel Is Not Alone'

Dr Uzi Arad: 'There Is Still Ample Time For International Community To Prevent Iran From Getting The Bomb'

The G-8 summit in Italy has set a deadline of September 25th for progress in the U.S.- nuclear dialogue. A former Israel Air Force Commander, Maj.-Gen.(res.) Eitan Ben Elihu states unequivocally that Israel has the military capability to take out Iran's nuclear weapons installation. French President Nicole Sarkozy warns Israel not to do it on her own declaring that Israel is not alone. Back in Jerusalem Dr. Uzi Arad, a senior defense advisor to Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu has reckoned that the international community still has sufficient time to stop Iran while the idea of 'living with an Iranian bomb' is absurd. An IsraCast analysis attempts to join the dots.


U.S. Unshackles Israel Against Iran

American Vice President Biden Signals Israel Is On Her Own

More Signals That 'Moderate' Arab States Mobilizing Against Iran

Ambassador Oren: 'Nuclear Armed Iran Could Annihilate Israel In Seconds!'

U.S. Vice president Joe Biden has done it again; several months ago he warned Israel against attacking Iran's nuclear installations, now he has said it is Israel's sovereign decision. What is behind America's shifting ground on one of the gravest dangers on the international agenda? And how and why are ' moderate' Arab states indicating they are more worried about Iran than Israel? IsraCast assesses recent changes that go far beyond diplomatic nuances.


Jo Amar (1930-2009)

World renowned Moroccan Jewish singer Yosef "Jo" Amar passed away this week in New York. He was 79 years old. Listen to rare recordings of few of Amar's earliest songs that were recorded by sound technician Avi Yaffe 42 years ago, two weeks before the outbreak of the Six-Day War in 1967.


Barak-Mitchell Tackle Big Picture

Defense Minister Ehud Barak: 'Israel & U.S. Have Achieved Progress On Settlement Controversy'

'Settlement Issue Is Part Of Bigger Picture Of Peace With Arab World'

Arab Religious Delegates Refuse To Follow Iranian Walkout During President Peres's Speech In Kazakhstan

After a four-hour meeting in New York, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak and U.S. Middle East George Mitchell have reduced the gap over Israeli building in West Bank settlements. Interviewed on Israel Radio, Barak said the main thing was 'to put the settlement question in the wider context of peace between Israel and the Arab world'. In a new twist, Arab religious leaders refused to follow an Iranian delegate's lead and stayed to hear an address by President Shimon Peres at an inter- faith conference in the Islamic state of Kazakhstan.


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IsraCast Archive | July-August 2009

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